Remember dad saying that he had it so bad he walked five miles uphill to school both ways? Well, it’s time for us baby boomers to make sure our kids know how life was for us when we were growing up in a life before Facebook, Twitter, microwaves, and colour TV. This whimsical book takes us back in time and clearly demonstrates exactly how life was for baby boomers. Can you imagine

having to leave the couch to change the channel on the TV? Can you?

We baby boomers can. Sheesh


Short and succinct, “The Baby Boomer’s Guide” will allow boomers to remember growing up, allow the grandchildren to listen in wonder, and give the children another opportunity to roll their eyes the way they did in high school when they knew everything.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to a boomer’s face, or the author will offer a deep apology.

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